CSTK Truck Equipment offers a wide selection of Warner body options for mechanics trucks, service vehicles, and other applications.

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At CSTK Truck Equipment, we know that keeping your trucks and equipment organized on and between job sites is essential to your day-to-day productivity as well as the bottom line. That is why we offer Warner truck bodies in our vehicle option lineup.

For over 75 years, Warner Bodies has been an industry leader in building the toughest, most versatile utility bodies in the United States. Warner Bodies utilizes the latest, state-of-the-art technologies to go beyond the cookie-cutter approach to manufacturing. It is the pride of true craftsmen that adds the fit, finish, the quality and value.

With a wide variety of applications and uses, Warner Bodies are found in numerous industries including: construction, utilities, state and local government, small business, fire departments and more. Contact CSTK now for information on Warner custom bodies, including service bodies, cutaway, platform, fire/rescue, and many more custom options.

Custom-Built Trucks

CSTK Truck Equipment in St. Louis, MO serves the Midwest with custom mechanics trucks, service trucks, railroad trucks, & other specialty vehicles. Our custom truck designs are built to suit with cranes, welders, compressors, drawer sets, lube skids, onboard power & other features.

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